The Benefits of NoFap: Increased Confidence, Control, and Communication

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Is NoFap Making You More Heavily Built?

You’ve likely heard of the nofap community, whose members have claimed to gain confidence and self-love by abstaining from masturbation and porn. But what many people fail to realize is that this newfound confidence doesn’t just apply to sex.

It can also improve your life in other ways, including making you more handsome. Here’s how.

1. You’re more confident

Many men who participate in nofap claim they feel a boost of confidence and masculinity after long periods without PMO. This could be attributed to the fact that abstaining from sexual stimulation teaches the brain how to deal with its natural arousal.

Plus, when you stop watching pornography, you’re rebooting your prefrontal cortex which improves the capacity of your working memory. This makes you more confident in your interactions with others, which is a very attractive quality.

2. You’re in control

Many people believe that NoFap does something to your “energy” and that women (and others) can pick up on it. While this may be true, it’s not necessarily because of NoFap itself but because of the way you live your life.

Having a purpose in life is attractive to women because it shows your capacity to work and that you have self-responsibility, self-assertiveness, perseverance, and tenacity. NoFap can help you develop these qualities and make them more pronounced.

3. You’re not a chronic masturbator

Men who join the NoFap community are known as “fapstronauts.” The group grew out of a Reddit forum and has more than 400,000 members, mostly from North America and the UK.

Fapstronauts believe that abstaining from masturbation can reboot their prefrontal cortex and increase the capacity of their working memory. In turn, this will make them more attractive to women. However, the underlying logic is problematic. Specifically, it ignores societal structures and prioritizes individual self-improvement. In the process, it normalizes sexist and right-wing beliefs about masculinity.

6. You’re a good communicator

You communicate more, in a broader sense. Not just with women, but with all people. You become a leader, and you take charge of situations. You’re less irritated because you’re not producing sperm all day (or rubbing it in your pants). It is very difficult to achieve great things without a healthy dopamine level, and nofap restores this vital neurotransmitter within 90 days. It allows men to grow and conquer the world. It also makes them irresistible to women.

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