Anxiety-Induced Heart Palpitations: Causes, Prevention

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Nofap Palpitations – Causes and Prevention

There is a community – largely on reddit but also outside of it – that is dedicated to not masturbating and helping others to not masturbate. This community makes some shady claims about its benefits, but the truth is that it can cause a lot of anxiety.

Heart palpitations can be a symptom of anxiety. They are typically benign and may go away on their own, but it is best to speak with a doctor if they are frequent or long lasting.


As men abandon porn, their bodies enter a period of “flatline” or withdrawal. They may experience a loss of libido or sex drive, irritability and depression. These symptoms are not permanent and are usually short-lived. Some people, however, go on to experience long-term Nofap flatline, which can keep them from achieving success and healthy romantic relationships in their lives.

One of the most common reasons people join the Nofap community is that they feel ashamed about watching porn and want a way out. They may also suffer from social anxiety, which can make it hard to interact with others and live a normal life.

A study conducted in a Nofap group found that some members reported experiencing boredom after giving up masturbation. These users often spent time alone with their electronic devices and felt the allure of pornography more strongly than before. Other members reported feeling a sense of hopelessness and depression. The researchers concluded that avoiding masturbation for longer periods of time can have negative psychological consequences and can lead to feelings of shame, worthlessness, and sadness.


If heart palpitations are brief and don’t have other symptoms, they may go away on their own. It’s important to speak with a doctor if they last longer than a few seconds or are accompanied by other symptoms, though. This can help a person get a better understanding of the cause and determine if there is an underlying condition that needs treatment.

A doctor will take a patient’s medical history and perform a physical examination as part of the diagnostic process. They will also listen to the person’s heart with a stethoscope and possibly order blood tests, which can look for electrolyte or hormone levels that could contribute to the palpitations.

Medications may be available to treat arrhythmias that can trigger heart palpitations. These may include drugs that slow the heart rate or medications that treat the underlying arrhythmia. If medications don’t control the arrhythmia, a procedure called catheter ablation may be an option. This involves using thin wires inserted into the groin to reach the heart and destroy abnormal tissue that causes the arrhythmia.


There isn’t an off switch for heart palpitations so prevention is key. Install a porn blocker (don’t look at sexy pics) and use the nofap starter kit displacement techniques (work out, do yoga, get squeeze balls for your hands so you can focus on them instead of your genitals, read etc.).

Stimulants like caffeine, diet pills, cough and cold medicines and some illegal drugs can trigger heart palpitations. Using decaf and avoiding these substances can help keep your heart rate steady. Being dehydrated can also cause your heart to race, so drink plenty of water. Stress and anxiety can also trigger heart palpitations, so learn to banish your worries and practice relaxation techniques.

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